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Local and National Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews and SCRs

Sometimes a child suffers a serious injury or death as a result of child abuse or neglect. Understanding not only what happened but also why things happened as they did can help to improve our response in the future. Understanding the impact that the actions of different organisations and agencies had on the child’s life, and on the lives of his or her family, and whether or not different approaches or actions may have resulted in a different outcome, is essential to improve our collective knowledge. It is in this way that we can make good judgments about what might need to change at a local or national level. 

The purpose of reviews of serious child safeguarding cases, at both local and national level, is to identify improvements to be made to safeguard and promote the welfare of children. Learning is relevant locally, but it has a wider importance for all practitioners working with children and families and for the government and policymakers. Understanding whether there are systemic issues, and whether and how policy and practice need to change, is critical to the system being dynamic and self-improving. 

Source: Working Together to Safeguard Children July 2018 Guide 


Local Safeguarding Children Practice Reviews 

  Partnership Reviews 


National Safeguarding Reviews & Reports 

Child Safeguarding Practice Review Panel 

Thematic Reports 


We also have 7-Minute Learnings that are available to look at on the MSCP website. The 7-Minute Learnings are a summary of the learning review process, key learning and actions that is produced from the main report. These 7-Minute Learnings are linked below: 

MSCP Training 

We regularly run training and briefings on local child safeguarding practice reviews – please see below available courses coming up.