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UPDATED LBM COVID-19 Children’s Safeguarding & Social Care services from April 2020-2021

Latest guidance from DFE

Merton Borough Council’s COVID-19 Children’s Safeguarding & Social Care Services Updated Critical Operating Model

Partners should continue to refer safeguarding concerns through the Children and Families Hub (Previously known as the MASH)

Phone: 020 8545 4226


You can also make contact with the allocated social worker for children open to Children’s Social Care.

Referrers should ensure that phone and email details for yourself and the child’s parents are included.

Merton Borough Council’s Children’s Safeguarding and Social Services have put in place interim arrangements during the current unprecedented situation.

Staff Guidance (14th April 2020) replaces the previous version of Merton’s Critical Operating Model: Staff Guidance (23rd March 2020) to incorporate the Department for Education’s Coronavirus (COVID-19): guidance for local authorities on children’s social care  issued on 3 April 2020. This protocol sets out the arrangements for delivering ‘core’ children’s social care services to children and families during the current coronavirus public health emergency where there are statutory corporate parenting and safeguarding responsibilities for promoting the safety and welfare of children in Merton.

A message from South West London CCG

South West London CCG are committed to safeguarding children and young people during the COVID pandemic; this includes supporting GP’s and health  providers to fulfil their statutory safeguarding functions.

NHS provider services have given assurance to the CCG that they will continue to work with partner agencies to ensure the safety and welfare of children and young people. This includes continuing to contribute to Child Protection, Child in Need and Children Looked After Processes.

Community provider services risk assess children and families and prioritise contacts with vulnerable families. This includes assessing whether direct contact is required (where necessary using full Personal Protective Equipment) or if contact can be maintained through alternative means including phone and video calls.

The NHS is aware that many families may be experiencing increased stress during the COVID pandemic. Families may be experiencing isolation and reduced support from family, friends and other organisations. This could potentially increase the risk of domestic abuse, exacerbation of mental illness and substance misuse for some households. When concerns are identified referrals will be made to the appropriate early help or Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub.

When a child is ill or injured it may be very difficult to decide if/when to call your child’s GP, NHS 111 or go the Accident and Emergency Department (A&E). During the current situation and while the government is asking everyone to stay at home, it can be confusing to know what to do. The link provides guidance accessing the appropriate medical care for your child.

If you have any queries or are concerned about an unwell or injured child please refer to our resources below

RCPCH COVID-19 advice for parents when child unwell or injured poster

South West London CCG Safeguarding Leads COVID-19 contacts

Update from South West Basic Command Unit

Despite the challenges relating to the COVID 19 crisis, South West Police remain committed to protecting the most vulnerable children and adults across our four boroughs of Merton, Wandsworth, Kingston and Richmond. We are working closely with our key safeguarding partners to identify those most at risk and to respond in the most appropriate and safe way possible.

The Police Multi Agency Safeguarding Hub, Child Abuse Referral Team and Child Protection Conference Team continue to process and risk assess referrals and concerns regarding children and vulnerable adults across the BCU. Our staff have adapted well to working remotely in response to the Government’s advice and we remain in close communication with our statutory safeguarding colleagues to protect vulnerable people as effectively as we can during this crisis.

Our Safeguarding Investigation teams continue their work 24/7 to bring domestic abuse, child abuse, adult abuse, serious sexual offences and hate crime offenders to justice. We continue to be fully engaged with the use of technology for continuing with multi agency safeguarding meetings to support and protect those most in need of multi-agency intervention.

South West Police Command are monitoring the impact of the COVID 19 crisis in terms of safeguarding trends and police resources closely and we remain focussed on keeping South West London safe. 15/04/2020