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MSCP Annual Report & Business Plan

The most recent Annual report for 2017-2018 is of the work of the Merton Safeguarding Children Board, the Board has been replaced by the Merton Safeguarding Children Partnership.  The Annual Report is a statutory requirement under section 14A of the Children Act 2004. The questions that the Board, now Partnership, is continuously seeking to answer in our annual report are:

  1. Is there evidence that the right standards, policies, guidance, procedures, protocols are in place?
  2. Is there good evidence that these are being implemented and applied consistently?
  3. What impact/difference does this make in keeping Merton children and young people safe from harm and ensuring that their well-being is supported?

This report shows how the work we are doing as a safeguarding partnership is making a difference for children and their families.

The Board’s strengths are identified as:

  • The MSCP is a mature partnership that is open to learning and challenge
  • Senior representation and engagement from agencies
  • A relentless focus on working together to keep children safe
  • A strong performance focus including the annual QA process
  • Annual conference and comprehensive training programme
  • An improved connection between the Board and frontline practitioners which has and will continue to improve; this includes the Board’s responsiveness to and influence on multi- agency frontline practice
  • The Board has clear priorities and the work programme has been aligned to support their delivery.

Our agreed areas of focus during 2016-2017 included:

  1. Think Family
  2. Supporting Vulnerable Adolescents
  3. Early Help

With neglect as a cross-cutting theme throughout these priorities.

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